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Dollar a Month Fund is non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization with tax ID #20-4785675, established in San Diego, California in 2003 for the purpose of doing charitable work for children around the world.


To provide children and youth of the global community, particularly from under developed countries the opportunity to at least a primary education and nourishment/health.  Our focus is to involve and encourage the participation of children and youth groups in this humanitarian endeavor.


To achieve our goals, we request for your pledge of minimum of $1 per month, per family member.
Today, we are helping with the needs of nearly 1500 children with our global partners.  Each dollar can make a difference in a child’s life.

Official OFAC License # IA-2014-312664-1 for “Project 200”
issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury

Shahri Estakhry – Chair/Founder
Nayer Samadi- Vice-Chair
Anna Gheissari – Secretary
Sussan Johnsen – Treasurer
Safa Farnam
Lisa Hildreth    
Ludi Sadr
Guity Salehi


Elizabeth Camarena, Esq.
Nasrin (Akbarnia) Owsia, MD
Ali Sadr
Ideen Sadr
Mahsa Vahidi


This Fund is overseen by 7-10 Board of Director members, which will meet on a regular basis to plan and review the needs of the Fund. All Board members volunteer their time and resources without any compensation.