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Our Recipients

Our Gifts and Recipients to Date:  $ 241,811.25

International Projects:

  • UNICEF www.unicefusa.org  For global projects for children, details can be reviewed under our “Our History” section.–$65,030.33
  • A.B.L.E. www.projectablefoundation.org  For Loving Concern Education Center in Mathare south slums of Nairobi, Kenya.–
  • Azarbaijan Earthquake victims of 2012 – Through Pars Equality Center and Relief International to re-build living quarters for children.– $5,000
  • C.H.I.L.D. www.child-international.org in Irvine, California. Helping with the needs of refugee children in Van, Turkey and with their emergency needs after the 2011 earthquake.– $15,000
  • Doctors Without Borders www.doctorswithoutborders.org For medical needs of global children .
– $6,500
  • ISCC – Mahak www.iscc-charity.org in Irvine, California for the needs of children with cancer.– $9,700
  • MEPO for House of Flowers Orphanage www.mepoonline.org in Kabul, Afghanistan.– $22,000
  • Mexico – supporting several orphanages in the Tijuana area. Details can be reviewed in “Our History” section.– $10,750
  • Robert Ford Foundation Orphanage in Haiti www.fordhaitianorphanage.org since the 2010 earthquake.
– $16,500
  • Mother Miracle Orphanage in India to support re-build the orphanage after 2014 earthquake.– $500
  • “Project 200” www.dmfund.org For support of 200 children within labor force in Tehran to be able to get daily education, food and health checkups. Under OFAC License No. IA-2014-312664-1 – $25,000

Inner-City San Diego Projects:

  • Casa Cornelia Law Center www.casacornelia.org San Diego, for the Mother & Child in need project (food for the Holidays). – $2,300
  • Nativity Prep Academy in San Diego, for educational supplies.–$4,857
  • The Monarch School in San Diego where nearly 300 homeless children get schooling and daily nutrition.– $1,000
  • Hurricane Sandy east coast families housed in San Diego.–$1,250
  • San Diego refugee families for several children’s school supplies, clothing and food.– $8,250
  • Diego Valley Charter School – for the needs of the homeless children.– $500
  • Temecula Project – Monthly supplement for living expenses of a family.– $8,580
  • Survivors of Torcher–  Children in San Diego.– $250
  • San Diego Rescue Mission– Mother & Child Shelter.– $1,700
  • San Diego Project Vianna.– $12,620

Other Individual Projects:

  • Details under “Our History” section.– $8,244